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Scrolling Text "Revolutionize your recycling efforts with Priti Enterprises' Best Plastic Recycle Plate Machine in Bhubaneswar. Our state-of-the-art technology efficiently transforms plastic waste into high-quality plates. Choose sustainability with Priti Enterprises, contributing to a greener environment. Embrace innovation and reliability for your plastic recycling needs in Bhubaneswar."

Best Plastic Recycle Plate Machine

Plastic crushers are used to crush various types of plastic materials into granules of varying sizes (3-8mm). Crushed plastics can be recycled to make new plastic products. This machine can significantly reduce the volume of plastic waste while also saving money and resources.

The crusher machine is designed with tangential feeding to improve feeding and swallowing. At the same time, the feed port has a plastic cover curtain. Avoid the problem of material jumping when using a standard crusher machine.

This model crusher employs a claw blade, and the rotating blade holder is made of high-grade steel that is difficult to abrade or break, making this waste plastic crusher durable and anti-corrosion cracking.

Best Plastic Recycle Plate Machine Specification

Table Example
Material Plastic
Power Consumption 1 - 10 kW
Voltage 380 - 440V
Machine Type Semi-Automatic
Model Name/Number SI600
Phase 3 Phase
Weight Approx 30 Ton

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