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Scrolling Text "Step into excellence with Priti Enterprises' Best Sleeper Making Machine in Bhubaneswar. Our cutting-edge technology ensures precision and efficiency in sleeper production. Choose Priti for innovation and reliability, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Elevate your construction projects in Bhubaneswar with our state-of-the-art sleeper manufacturing machinery."

Best Sleeper Making Machine

Offering you the best selection of footwear equipment and machines for creating chappals with efficient delivery.

We are a top producer and provider of sleeper-making equipment. We had a responsibility to satisfy client demands for quality.

Additional Details:

700 pairs can be produced every hour.

7 days for delivery



Best Sleeper Making Machine Specification

Table Example
Production Capacity 700 pair per hour
Power Consumption 2.5KW
Frequency 50HZK
Weight 800
Machine Speed 100-125 kg
Voltage 220V
Automation grade YES
Body Material MILD STEEL

After Sale Service

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